Toma De Control

Toma De Control

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“Take control” is the first film of a talented narrator, who begins as an author developing a very current genre, but with deep roots in Mexico: the suspense political novel.

Héctor Mata develops with the vision of today a genre that has as reference a great teacher in the treatment of political power: Luis Spota. This creates a challenge for him: looking for his own literary space to develop, which results in personal commitment.

It is striking that in the context of current political effervescence an author emerges who develops the political novel in a personal style, printing a new component, which is the mystical touch.

The unpredictable sense becomes a fundamental element to understand the importance of the mission assumed by the central character of the work, Don José Álvarez, who arises from the business sector, where he exercises a moral leadership that allows him to establish alliances, which gives origin of a police plot with a local seal, which highlights a decomposing justice system.

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